Custom Chevy Mud Truck Destroys a SM-465 With A SBC On The Bottle

Follow Us On FaceBook @ (truck specs) engine was a sbc 377ci (400ci block with a 350 crank) on a 200hp shot of Nitrous prob 750hp without Nitrous, transmission was a stock sm 465 mated to a np205 with all 1410 joint driveshafts stock 14bolt rear welded and stock front Dana 60 welded suspension shocks and chassis was all stock Chevy body had 24" cut out of the center and welded back together @ The First Ever Anderson Co. Mud Bog, 44'' N Under Class 6-4-11

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MT. Eden Mud Bog 7-2-11 44 N Under RD1
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700hp Baddest SBC on 38s in Ky
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"After Midnight Motorsports" MAC's One Run Wonder, Spencer Co. 6-11-11 MAC's Custom Chevy Mud Truck Wins The 44 N Under Class By Only Running Once! He Puts On One Hell Of A Show When He Runs!

Bobby Hurst in "It's SHOWTIME" Spencer Co. Mud Bog 6-9-12 (1000Hp At Work) Bobby Hurst in "It's SHOWTIME" Spencer Co. Mud Bog 6-9-12 900 on motor alone a fully worked over 400ci Based sbc on 200 Shot Of n2o, Bob blasts though the deep pit and hits the wall and standing his GMC Sonoma on it's tailgate, and busts the tranny in half, Another Wicked Pass Bob! Tires Cut By