Summernats 25 2012 Cruising with BLK40T 1000hp+ 8-sec Twin Turbo Lexus 1UZ V8 Ford Capri

Joe and Andrea cruising Summernats 7/12/2011.

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Summernats 25 2012 cruising with BLK40T 1200hp E85 Twin Turbo V8 Capri
Joe and Marty go for a cruise Summernats 7/1/2012

1986 MKII Supra 1UZ Turbo "Spirited Drive" (Megasquirt)
Taking the car for a "spirited drive" after troubleshooting some coolant issues. Now that the car seems to run more predictably cool, I can really start laying into the throttle. Clearly I need stiffer rear springs (lol), but next stop is the Dyno to start pulling fuel and really make some power! 6psi blue spring installed, but I saw Boost spikes as high as 10psi on the gauge. Lots of extra fuel right now, but it is still a riot to drive as I am shoved into the seat. 1986 MKII Supra MA61 1UZFE 32 Valve 4.0L V8 Borg Warner S366 turbo Tial MVR WG/BOV 440CC Injectors/ Ford EDIS-8 Ignition Megasquirt 2 V3.0 ECU, Running 3.3.3 Code Toyota W58 Transmission flywheel Spec 6 Puck Clutch One Piece 3" driveshaft Ford 8.8" Aluminum IRS Center Section 3.73 Gears with Ford Trac-Lok LSD from a Mach 1 C5 Corvette Outer Wheel Bearings Custom Axle Centers to Mate Corvette and Ford Stub Shafts Custom Made Trailing Arms Front and Rear Coilovers

lexus is400 1uz-fe magnaflow

Mazda RX-8 swap 1UZ turbo @ 0,6bar
1UZ 4L, твинтурбо TD04L, избыток 0,6 бар разгон на 4 и 6ой передачах пока обкатываемся ;)