Summernats 25 2012 Cruising with BLK40T 1000hp+ 8-sec Twin Turbo Lexus 1UZ V8 Ford Capri

Joe and Andrea cruising Summernats 7/12/2011.

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SUMMERNATS 25 throw together
quick video of all the little burnouts i got whilst having my handheld camera and iphone on me on the sat afternoon around teh cruise route

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The Summernats Burnout Pad is the holy grail of Burnout Pads... You need to bring your "A" Game if you plan on impressing the crowd and judges.. Unfortunately for the BUSTME commodore things got off to a BAD start with the car struggling to make the all important Tip-in, and then it all went pear-shaped from there with a number of Big Wall hits.. Atleast he tried....

Summernats 25 - 4 days in 4 minutes!
For people that have never had the opportunity to witness Summernats, it can only be described as the "Woodstock" for the hardcore muscle car community. Being a 4 day event, with close to 90,000 fanatic spectators and over 1,500 entrants that travel from all over the country, with onsite camping facilities, live bands every night, show cars, cruising, burnouts, the list goes on and resembles much more than simply a cruise, drag meet or even car show. It's a street machine festival to say the least and as celebrity hot rod builder Charlie Hutton says, "There is nothing else like this anywhere in the world!" Check out the photos from Summernats 25 on the FreeStyle RIdes site: