Silvia Drag Race. 10.61 Rb26det Nissan Silvia. 1/4 mile S13 Drag Racing.

My Rb26det Nissan Silvia S13 Drag Racing.

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Silvia Drag Race. 9.76 Redback Nissan Silvia Rb26DET. Fastest RB26 Western Australia S13 Drag Racing
Western Australias First 9 Second RB26 ! My Redback Rb26det Nissan Silvia S13 Drag Racing. Perth Motorplex

S14 Nissan Silvia: Low and wide!
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DRAG S13 SILVIA 840ps 9.37sec ゼロヨン シルビア camera1
2008-10-12 アムクレイド ドラッグバトル全国大会優勝 映像はトーナメント途中の走り 決勝タイム 1/4Mile 9"326 (155.65mph 『250.5km/h』) use 100% Unleaded Gasoline BEST TIME 2008/oct/11 1/4Mile 9"075 (156.74mph 『252.25km/h』) use 100% Unleaded Gasoline pics & Data Sheet .

Nissan 200sx S14a / S13 Touge Tandem Drift
so here are some drifts / tandem drifts on german touge streets ;-) 1998 Nissan Silvia S14a 200HP : - stock 1993 Nissan 200sx (180sx) S13 280HP: - T28 turbo - selfmade Exhaust - 450er injectors - selfmade oilcatchtank - big Intercooler - nistune ECU - shortshifter - driftworks lightweight flywheel - act heavy duty clutch - s14 25% diff - BC racing coilovers - r33/32 gtr rims - zillalife shiftknob - nardi steeringwheel - k-sport racing seat - takata seatbelts - handbrake driftknob