Ken Block's 240SX with a S15 SR20DET getting SEAFOAMED!

Had some leftover seafoam from my GTI, so Ken poured it into his muffler bearing reservoir for some added HP.

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Testing some new Parts Shop Max suspension bits and pieces as well as a different rear spring rate, track width and alignment. Didn't get very many laps around Balcony because the transmission was showing signs of worn dog rings and sliders, but the few laps I did get proved the changes were positive ones! Absolutely loving the Hankook RS3 tires I'm running this season. Plenty of consistant grip and very predictable.

Straight Pipe'd S2000 - alexisthemovie smashing on the 10 east
My buddies and I decided to record an Exhaust video. Taz the pitbull puppy in the back seat, Ken and I up front in his S15 SR20DET powered 240SX. The S2000 in this video is loud as fuhhhh. BTW if you're going to comment about the negative camber, just don't you're preaching to the choir.

2010 MKVI GTI Seafoam
Thanks to CarbonRichMK6 for the initial DIY on how to do this (seen here: I picked up 2 feet of tubing from Kragen and a can of Seafoam. Definitely want to lightly feather the Seafoam into the engine, so that it doesn't stall out and potentially lock up. I'd just stick it in for a quick second and then pull out (bahahah that's what she said). All-in-all, I used about 3/4 of a can. SO MUCH SMOKE when I backed out of the driveway and went for a spin. It was outrageous, I couldn't see anything at all out my rear window and the entire street looked like gettysburg. Unfortunately I don't have a video of that =/ I'm pretty sure that my motor's idle smoothed out from doing this, but we'll see. Oh, I also sprayed MAF cleaner on the sensor that was inside of the intake manifold, as it was covered in oil. Notes: 22,000 miles, APR Stage II with a B&B downpipe, BSH Race Intake, Neuspeed throttle pipe (noisepipe delete), and that's about it on motor mods.

S13 sr20det
Gt2871r, check out my newer videos with my 625whp 2jz s14