Barra I6 Lukey Exhaust System

My Winter White BA SR mk2 with a Lukey Exhaust system consisting of Lukey headers and a two and a half inch cat back sports system.

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Varex remote control muffler.
Ignition DVD takes a look at the new noise reducing muffler from X-Force Exhaust.

Julza's BA XR6 Exhaust Final (working sound)
Video of BA Falcon XR6 NA fitted with: -K&N air filter -BPR Pod CAI -Pacemaker 4495 extractors -Magnaflow 2.5" hi flow cat -Herrod 2.5" mild steel cat back Exhaust

We use our loud exhausts for a purpose
Nissan GTR's revving and popping in Central London.

2003 VY Commodore S Lukey Exhaust
2003 VY Commodore S Pacemaker extractors (3 into 1) Straight Through (no cat) 3" lukey Exhaust system to a 4" mufller then to a 2.5" lukey Exhaust tip. Sounds mean, loud as hell, and backfires on downshifts, sounds like a v8 ps: i beat an xr8 ute off the lights that was thrashing and limiter bashing it as well :P