Nopi World Finals IMV Films Part 1

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Nopi World Finals IMV Films Part 2
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Brent Rau's 6 second Eclipse at the pits
2006 NOPI World Finals at Norwalk.

It's Not a Race, it's a Rallye! - REDUX (Long)
DISCLAIMER: NEVER DO ANY OF THIS. - Full, un-cut and RAW footage from April 22, 2003. Gumball 3000 Rally with Rob "Lonman" Kenworthy in the Union Jack Porsche GT2 -v- Chris "Mook" Sang in the BPU Toyota Supra. This gives the viewer a better perception of the ins and outs of our high speed chase covering 48 miles in 17 min. Records and Analysis showed a peak indicated speed of 206MPH on the GT2 Speedometer, and 180MPH on our Supra's Speedometer. Clearly we were young, cracked-out and going nuts. We had never seen a 996 GT2 before this day in 2003. This shit was fun. The Helicopter was confirmed as being the Gumball Film Chopper - NOT one of the TWO Police choppers the local Pigs (police) had. We assumed to be safe I suppose. The Supra was a 6-speed, BPU modified to ~429Whp with +2 people and no weight reduction. The GT2 was a 6-speed, modified to ~560Bhp +1 girl + luggage and no weight reduction. The Sonic Blue Cobra was a 6-speed, modified + supporting parts to ~490Whp / 500Wtq + 1 passenger. After leaving the highway, the GT2 and Cobra did ONE pull that had a failed start. Lonman's right-hand drive Porsche and his "left" seat female passenger were enough to confuse Jimmy just long enough to give Lonman the jump and eventually pull away from the Cobra. Upon first glance it looked like a girl driving. Sadly the traffic and police presence was enough to limit Lonman's willingness to drive fullout the rest of the way to Hooters Ocala. Jimmy tried in vain to nudge the GT2 into another pull. The original write-up on this event is detailed here: Make sure to check out the new website, and "Like Us" on Facebook!

Supra Movie
A bunch of supras. thanks to Songs In Video: Matt Darey - Point Zero, Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow, Ohm Boys - Thinking Of You I recommend to watch in high quality. cheers