2010 mopars at the strip canerey show 1970 cuda led light show!!!!

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www.tunakiller.com. This was shot just a few weeks after the restoration was completed on a calm Sept. 2010 evening just before dusk. See more pictures and videos at www.tunakiller.com!

Twisted Fish - Street Test - Valentines Day 2010 (70 Cuda)

CUDA 440 Panther Pink
Ground Pounder. Motor Combo By Mopar Manny. Motor Built By Tom @ Pentastar Performance. Mentored By Mopar Dan.Driven By Me. Paint & Body done by Brian Molen.Given to My Kids. AND OWNED BY MY WIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mopars at the Strip
Here is a quick overview of the fun we had at Mopars at the Strip 2010. The people were great, and everyone had a fantastic time testing their skills in the Hotchkis Performance/Keisler sponsored Autocross event.