2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo GTP - First Race Day

turbo 3800 v6 Our first race day with the current configuration. 15-16 psi Massive traction problems... @ Edgewater

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2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo GTP - FWD Drag Race - Edgewater
Best of 10.48 @ 134.36 @ Edgewater

Turbo Grand prix at the track on e85

badass grand prix GTP
mods are xp hot cam,140# valve springs,double roller timing chain,p&p lim,p&p Supercharger,3.3 Supercharger pulley,fender well cold air intake,front power log,3"catless downpipe,ac delete,egr delete,LS7 lifters,new rebuilt motor new crank .010 new bearings all around .010 new rings resurfaced block an heads new tranny 3800 powdered metal rods new over size rad water pump oil pump throttle body spacer zzp 1.0 pcm new maf map iac tps autolite 103s

Turbo grand prix
A quick rundown on da gp