Decepticon Barricade Saleen S281 Mustang at 2012 Fabulous Fords Forever

This video was taken at the 27th annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show in Buena Park, CA. This is a walk around video of a Saleen S281 Mustang that was dressed to look like the 2007 Saleen from Transformers.

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Barricade Transformers Police Car Install - SWPS - 06BTM
Barricade Transformers Saleen Mustang Police Car outfitted by - 06BTM

Barricade vs. Bumblebee

Transformer's Saleen Mustang (Barricade) Decepticon Unloading at CowTown Gun Range Arizona
Transformer's Own Barricade (The Decepticon Saleen Mustang) out at Arizona's CowTown Gun Range with Independence Training and Modern Arms. @GundogCreative @azcowtownrange @IndependenceTraining @ModernArmsLLC @LakePowellDroner ***Supervised by Professionals on Private Property***

Barricade transformers en Culiacán
Culiacán, Sin.- El diseñador del barricade Ernie Sigala presento a culichis el auto que participo en la pelicula de transformers.