440 rebuild build caponeauto

low cost rebuild of old 440 for some one hoping to Dyno it too

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440 Chrysler engine rebuild Part 3
Piston Install

440 Camshaft drive FAIL!!!
So our rebuilt 440 with only 300 miles (at most) on it, developed a problem when stopping at a traffic light, it wouldn't idle. It had lost 20 deg. of ignition timing, so we twisted the distributor, and it ran well again. Then a short time later it did the same thing again, another 20 deg. of timing lost. We couldn't twist the distributor far enough, so had to pull and adjust the drive gear, to get it firing at the right time, but this time it wouldn't run quite right, and lost top end power. We tried everything a group of us could think of, but in the end pulled off the timing cover, to discover that the single bolt drive with 1 locating pin had suffered a major failure! We hope no valves are bent, but are still determining that, 2 chrome moly pushrods are bent, the timing sprocket is trashed, and we are NOT Amused!!! These were all brand new name brand parts, so why did they fail??? We will be going with a 3 bolt camshaft sprocket retainer this time!

New Built 440 Six Pack Engine: Tuning And Analysis On The Dyno
This is a newly assembled and completed engine project. Brought it to the performance shop for Break-in, tweaking and to measure horsepower/torque. Engine specifications are as follows: ENGINE SIZE: 44O BORED TO 493 C.I. horsepower: 615 606 PNDS OF TORQUE @ 4700 RPM BORE: 4.350 STROKE: 4.150 ROD LENGTH: 6.760 COMP. RATIO: 10.25 CARB: HOLLY 6-PACK INT MNFLD: EDELB. 6-PK CYL. HEAD TYPE: EDELB PERF RPM VALVE SIZE: 2.19 X 1.81 VALVE SPRG.: 928 CC PORT FLOW INTAKE: 314@.600 Exhaust: 257 @ .600 HEADER SIZE: 2" BLOCK USED: "66" 440 PISTON: CUSTOM ROSS CRANK USED: MOLNAR TEC 4340 CAMSHAFT TYPE: SOLID FLATTAPPET BRAND: CAM MOTION LOBE CENTER: 111 LOBE LIFT: .379 Many more specs. but this gives a pretty good picture of what this engine is made of.

Dodge Challenger Engine Build
This is my 73 Dodge Challenger, I need to build an engine for it so watch me go from building diesel engines to trying my hand at a 440 build,