Racing an SLK350 (Autocross) - 6-Speed Manual - Outside & In Views

Autocross at Homestead Miami Raceway in the June heat and high humidity. First run shown is looking out the front of the SLK350, second run is showing me inside the car. The inside view was the last run of the day, and I was tired and heat stroked. Although I go lazy and one hand on the steering, still posted my best time that run.

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2007 Nissan 350z vs 2005 mercedes SLK 350
Nissan weighs 1629kg with 230kw and 6spd manual. SLK weighs 1465kg with 200kw and has 7spd auto. Both Stock standard.

Mercedes SLK350 on the Nurburgring
A 10:38 lap around The Ring in a 2005 Mercedes SLK350. A disappointing time considering my 9:07 in the bigger and heavier Insignia VXR but its my first RWD car and haven't really learnt how to use it (or the tiptronic gearbox) yet.

2005 Mercedes SLK 350 Convertible In Depth Tour
This is a full in depth tour of the 2005 Mercedes SLK 350. In this video I start up the SLK 350, show the exterior, interior, and features of this car.

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