13b pp

my new mazda 808 with a 13b pp

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Mazda RX-7 13B PP, Pirkka Dynotest 2008.
13B PP with Prospark, built by Jörgen Blennow at www.rotaryperformance.se Owner of the car, John "Pirkka" Karlsson, Norway.

13b PP Hatch

13b pp
This is my love 808 sedan 13BPP fuel inj now with Gilmer drive

13B PP Mazda RX4 - Promaz
Daniel's neat Mazda RX4 street car on the Dyno at Promaz Automotive. The car is powered by a Promaz PP peripheral port 13B rotary engine and MicroTech LT10s EFI fuel system. [ http://www.promaz.com.au ] http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au