1971 Chevelle with spintech mufflers

Spintech Sportsman Street mufflers. 383, 1-5/8" headers, Dr. Gas X pipe (3" in 2.5" out) , 2.5" in/out on the mufflers, Flowmaster 2/5" mandrel bent tailpipes.

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1970 Nova with Spintechs
70 nova with 350 bored .030 over with a mutha thumpa cam and with Spintech super pro muffs

1969 AMC AMX with Spintech Sportsmans
390 engine, Lunati Voodoo 10100703LK, 2 1/2" Spintech Sportsmans with an x-pipe

1976 C3 Thumpr Corvette Stingray - Spintech Sportsman 3000 XL Plus mufflers - Comp Thumpr Cam
Part 4 some part swaps. New Spintech mufflers and a big Thanks to Ron at spintech for recommending them and getting them built so quickly. Great tone with enough reduction in volume to make the car more enjoyable around town. I also took the 600 double pumper off and installed a Holley 80770 Street Avenger 770cfm carb and what a difference that made, now the car responds really well. I also installed an aluminum radiator since the car was trying to run at 200 degrees with our cooler weather I knew summer would be brutal. The new radiator has cooled things down by a good 20 degrees. I picked up a Mallory Hyfire IV ignition box and increased the jet size in the primary and secondary and the car just keeps getting better.

Chevelle spintech super prostreet 9000 cold start
383 with patriot long tubes 3 inch all the way out. No crossover, yet.