2011 Viper West Ride A Long

Come "Ride-A-Long" with Capt Garret "Mace" Dover, your 2011 Viper West Demo pilot, as he performs a full Demo during the 2011 Heritage Flight Training Conference at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, March 2011! This is also a video we like to play for the kids during our numerous school and community visits to go along with our presentation!

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2011 Viper West Teaser
The 2011 Air Show season is underway and Viper West is proud to present our 2011 Viper West Teaser!!! This is just a taste of what to expect from Viper West this year!!! 2011 marks Viper West's 20th Anniversary here at Hill AFB, and Capt Garrett Dover and your entire 2011 Viper West Demo Team can't wait to rip open the skies for all of our fans around the world! Be sure to link this video to any & all Show Websites that Viper West will be perfroming. And as we like to say here at Viper West, "There are many other demo teams... And then there is VIPER WEST!" ARE YOU READY??!?!?!?!?!?

VFA-14 Tophatters by Terraphobic41
Filming and montage by Terraphobic 41 Video belongs to Terraphobic41.Posted here with his permission.

2011 Viper West - Days Gone By
2011 was an amzing year for Viper West, and this video is a tribute to the entire team, our families, and all of our friendss and fans around the world! It is going to be wierd not aving the ACC demo teams around, but that is why videos like this will be special; it will let us remember to NEVER FORGET! The songs used in this video are by "Expolosions in the Sky" and "Alter Bridge", and all copyrights are owned by them... hopefully this viseo will stay up :-)

JDAM's F-16 Incentive Flight (HD GoPro)
In December 2012, I fulfilled a lifelong dream to take a ride in an F-16, which I was fortunate to receive as an Honorary Commander (call sign JDAM) of the 425th Fighter Squadron at Luke AFB. The 425th flies RSAF F-16s which are off limits to civilians, so we borrowed a Viper from the 310th. Unrestricted takeoff, 500 ft. at 500 mph; simulated low level bomb run on the Barry Goldwater range, rolls, split-S, some stick time for me and a whole lot of G's pulled. It was the best damn ride of my life.