VW Bug Wheelstand

VW Wheelstand

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Record Breaking VW Bug
ET 8.88 MPH 163

Mean Gene in car cam on a GARBAGE track. STILL the quickest street AC VW in the east!
In car cam in The Mean Machine, first qualifying pass in Street Eliminator Class at 1st Annual Drag Nite, Midland, South Carolina. Wanna see what 520 HP in a pan VW is like on ice?? Hahaha, watch and see! I ended the day as runner up and had one hell of a weekend! Cooker's V-Dubs, Clear Spring, Maryland 301-223-9292 www.cookersvdubs.com

SCC 2008 11,3s with big wheelie
Blow a hose between throttle and manifold when geting into 4th so I turned off engine.

#95 Hawaii Motorhead Magazine Hilo VW Bug-In 2013 Wheel Stands
Big Island Auto Club VW Drag Racing April 2013 Delbert Crivello's Crazy Wheel Stands