The Infamous STOCK white STI - Philly street racing

$100.00 race between a B20 + Nitrous + drag radials civic hatch and a Stock White STI Civic jumps and still gets smoked...

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600whp STI takes on R35 GTR
600whp STI takes on R35 GTR

Philly Day Races (spring time)
bunch of pump gas street cars getting it in while all the hondas are at honda day. first 5 races are the street car shootout...pump gas, no cages,etc $20 buy in to make it interesting ...silver blower gt wins (first time weve done this so hopefully it gets bigger) the unprepped road makes for some interesting races.....remember the street is the great equalizer....not the fastest car always wins

Impreza 640 AWHP On GTX30R By Racing Dimensions
subaru power

Lamborghini Gallardo vs Subaru Impreza WRX Drag Race Please Follow Us...