Wheel Stand Contest

Lucas Oil - On the Edge - Wheel Stand Contest. Great crash footage.

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Lucas Oil...On The Edge! Episode 167 - Wheel Stand / Motorcycle Flat Track
Cars compete for the best wheel stand of the day. The one with the most violent wheel stand may win the $20,000 prize. And, Motorcyles from before 1975 take to the track for a highly competitive flat track race.

Byron Wheelstand Contest 2012
In 2012 This was the first time I had ever gone to the Byron Wheelstand Contest in Byron, Illinois. It is a wheelie competition every October and the biggest one in the world (from what they advertise, and I believe it). This was an unusually warm October so it was very comfortable watching this event and I remember the Green Bay Packers were playing at the same time so I could hear people listening to the game also. The first wheelie I saw at this show was the Yellow 1967 Camaro that you see in the beginning of this video, It went up nice and smooth and then something happened and it came crashing down sideways and a front wheel fell off. Unreal, I was in shock and I was hooked on this ever since. If you look in my Youtube channel you will see all the years of this event after this one that I have taken video of. Great time but it normally is cold and sometimes snowing. Crazy. In this video there is so many good cars but some popular ones are A.J. Fiorelli and his 1968 Barracuda “Airborne Cuda”, Brian Ambrosini and his 1974 AMC Gremlin, Ricky Kirkpatrick and his 1981 Chevy Malibu wagon, Marty Robertson and his 1968 Barracuda “Badfish” in which he won this event but then he actually crashed after this race at another track and totaled the car out. #PlaygroundofPower #Wheelie #Wheelstand #Byron #BrianAmbrosini #Ambrosini #Fiorelli #RickyKirkpatrick #Chevy Byron Wheelstand Contest 2012

Best of Byron 2011
Byron wheelie show 2011. Wheelie videos and pics.

Wes Newman's of Eldorado Illinois, Blown Alcohol Injected '68 SS Camaro wowing the crowd with the Highest Wheelstand award at Byron Dragway's 20th Annual World Power Wheelstand Competition Sunday October 2014. Be sure to check my other videos from this amazing event!