Fast Driving Girls - Paris Hard Mercedes SLK R171 (V036) Paris drives the Mercedes SLK 200 R171 in a white short dress and her 12cm high heeled-sandals. Accelerating, high speed, and a lot of different camera angles. Camera angle on: Paris, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, legs, gearshift, road. Top Speed: 180 Km/h - 112 MPH.

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Fast Driving Girls - Paris The Thief - BMW Z4 (V038) Twitter: Here's a short movie* by Fast Driving Girls. Paris dressed in black suit, goes to a park and stole the BMW Z4. She get in the car and she drives fast (barefeet driving) on the road, then she goes to the highway and push the car to the limit, driving at over 220 km/h. Several camera angles, especially on feet, speedometer, road. Top Speed: 250 Km/h - 156 MPH. * we called it a short movie because some scenes (like speedometer, feet, road) has been edited by using computer.

Fast Driving Girls - Paris Hard Porsche 911 (V037) Twitter: Paris drives the Porsche 911 993. She get in the car with shorts and a shirt, wearing her high heeled white sneakers. But then she take her shoes off and she drives barefeet so hard, pushing the engine to the limiter and she goes at high speed on the road. Camera angle on: Paris, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, legs, gearshift, road. Top Speed: 200 Km/h - 125 MPH.

Fast Driving Girls - Stiggy Mercedes SLK Flooring by Night (V050) Twitter: Stiggy loves driving against all rules. She loves the risk and drive flooring the gas on every road. She keep her face hidden, so our "anonymous" model with a wonderful heavy foot, drives the Mercedes SLK by night. She loves to feel the power under her foot, so before driving with two different pair of sandals (red platform high heels 6", and black extreme heels 6" without platform) she drives barefoot, with some revving before start driving. A lot of angles showing her feet, the road, the dashboard and also gearbox.

Fast Driving Girls - AryFashion - Lotus Elise 111 R in High Heels (V044) Twitter: AryFashion drives the Lotus Elise 111 R. Ary drives hard and fast the Lotus Elise, 192 horse-power under her foot; she loves make the engine scream at 8.000 rpm. --- Sexy Girl Drives Lotus Elise 111 R more info on Fast Driving Girls Website