After 25 years of owning a 1972 Buick Skylark Sun Coupe / GS Clone ... Its time to sell. . .11 - 07 - 2011

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1972 yellow skylark sun coupe

In the early 1970s, novelties were still something to be reckoned with. The auto industry was still able to handle special low production jobs using outside contractors if needed. The ramifications of product liability and class action lawsuits hadn’t reared its ugly head yet. Boutique cars were still a possibility. As a result, the buyer had an interesting choice of unusual cars on offer particularly in Spring when dealers wanted to break the logjam of stock piling up around lots and sales zone yards. Spring Specials were a popular way to do this. Rolling out cars with a limited edition color or maybe some unique trim was always a popular idea. Buick came up with a neat alternative to ordering a convertible that year. You could order instead the Sun Coupe. Basically it was a hardtop body with a cloth sliding top that glided on two rails. It was a manually operated deal and offered as Sport Vinyl Top option. There were two styles on offer; one showed a rail of silver metal between the fabric top and actual roof, the other was the fabric top that slid over the rails, concealing the works when closed. There were also cars made the sun roof but without vinyl tops. The Sun Coupes were made by ASC. Buick produced 3,943 of those cars in 1972. The appointments for a Sun Coupe aside from the roof included metal Sun Coupe script for the sail panels. A lot of the cars made were 350 powered Skylarks. The Sun Coupe was powered by a V8, either a 350 cubic with 150 - 190 horsepower or that big block 455 with 225 hp. This S C has the 350 engine. Features include that beveled grille flanked by dual headlights, Buick sport wheels, pleated white vinyl seats with a contrasting black dash, and the 3/4 white vinyl roof with sun roof covering. Certainly, this is a classy looking boutique Buick offering. Thanks very much for viewing this 1972 Buick Skylark Sun Coupe.

Pinks 71 Buick Skylark vs '91 Chevy S-10

SOLD - 1972 Buick Skylark Sun Coupe for sale by Autoahus of Naples AutohausNaples.com
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