40 DCNF's just put on =-)

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fiat x1/9 with pete ward racing technologies race engine
my fiat x1/9 with racing engine

Fiat X1/9 1/4 mile run - best time for the day: 15.3s
Quarter mile run in my 1978 Fiat X1/9. My X sports a 1600 8v engine with some modifications including dual 40 DCNF Webers. Video taken during a local Festival of Speed event, which is a fun gathering for classic vehicles before the Mdina Grand Prix scheduled for October, Malta.

Fiat x1/9 1800cc Dyno

Super carb fire on camera in my 76 Scorpion
I own this 1976 Lancia Scorpion a week ago it suffered from a carburetor fire, it burned down the aux vent bad they where moltened piles of not much , so im trying to tune it but seem to be stuck ,so i decided to film the car in action and i got the biggest fire yet. Let me tell you bout the engine its 2.0L twin cam, twin carb, ANSA Headers w/twin Exhaust with the Distributor is moved Exhaust side This girl also has racing cams installed and the carbs are 42 DCNF on a Alquati manifold. Im a fair mechanic but never tuned carbs so dont jugde