40 DCNF's just put on =-)

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fiat x1/9 with pete ward racing technologies race engine
my fiat x1/9 with racing engine

Fiat x1/9 1800cc Dyno

Fiat X19 Chasing a Ferrari
This video is of a Fiat X1/9 built by Midwest Bayless Italian Auto chasing a Ferrari on the Pacific Coast Highway. This car has an Acura K20 engine and 6-Spd trans from an Acura RSX-S making 240HP. It is also fitted with our Midwest-Bayless big brake kit, and KONI coil-over suspension. Modern performance in a highly capable chassis with a power-to-weight ratio of under 10:1! Call us at 614-784-8870 for more information on our conversion services!

80mph camera test trunk lid
fiat x1/9 twin dcnf 40's with 40-80 cam, and Exhaust, the Exhaust isnt as audible but the carbs are.. WONDEROUS noise is that