Chevy Luv, Isuzu Pickup Turboed

1992 Isuzu pickup 4x4. I gutted the old 3.1 and implanted a 1982 Chevy love diesel into it. I also turbocharged it..

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Isuzu Engine Rebuild
Step by step rebuild instruction video here: Watch the run test of this motor here:

1981 Chevy Luv diesel 4x4 ( like Isuzu Pup )

USVI Racing Production's Isuzu pickup
Painted by Walter....not 100% finish we need to buff out some things and Line X the bed and add chrome bumper and grill use sherwin willams paint and tamco euro clear

Diesel cold start 35 degrees Isuzu 2.2 Chevy luv
1981 Chevy luv cold start 5speed manual 2wd welded rear end 4inch stacks 310,000 miles. 45+mpg top speed. Slow. I usually have the block heater plugged in but wanted to see how it would start without.