Chevy Luv, Isuzu Pickup Turboed

1992 Isuzu pickup 4x4. I gutted the old 3.1 and implanted a 1982 Chevy love diesel into it. I also turbocharged it..

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Isuzu Engine Rebuild
Step by step rebuild instruction video here: Watch the run test of this motor here:

Diesel S-10 Pickup conversion using a Isuzu 4JB1-T 4x4 Part 2
At the time of uploading I have made $12.92 on Youtube. I started with two S-10 pickups on was a 1986 4wd extended cab with a 2.8L V6 manual transmission. The other a 1988 2wd regular cab with a 2.5L I4 manual transmission. The 1988 body was good so while I drove the 1986 I repainted the 1988 while making some modifications such as removing the AC, adding delayed windshield wipers, swapping out instrument clusters so I had oil pressure, water temp, and tachometer. Once that was complete I drove the 1988 while I stripped the 1986 down to the frame. I shortened the frame and dropped in the diesel engine to the stock transmission and transfer case and tested it out. That stage can be seen here: Then I removed everything from the frame and had it powder coated. Reinstalled the drivetrain with all new bushings and hardware. I then lifted the good body off of the 1988 and rolled its frame out and rolled the new frame under it and bolted it up. Ran lots of wires and hoses and here we are. I just have some minor things to finish and I hope to eventually get this thing running on Biodiesel. It is a 1988/1986 S-10 4wd regular cab. diesel, with a gooseneck hitch, and seven pin trailer wiring, It is not a power house but it will do 70mph and gets 33MPG, has 4wd for snow, is very reliable, and is fun to drive, and that is the way it should be. Hope you enjoy.

1981 Chevy Luv diesel 4x4 ( like Isuzu Pup )

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