Chevy Luv, Isuzu Pickup Turboed

1992 Isuzu pickup 4x4. I gutted the old 3.1 and implanted a 1982 Chevy love diesel into it. I also turbocharged it..

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1972 Chevy LUV @Sonoma Drift 7-3-2013
this is a 72 chevy Luv at sonoma drift sideways wednesdays. getting tons of runs in with their new track setup. DaMN i needed that!!!

1981 Chevy Luv diesel 4x4 ( like Isuzu Pup )

Isuzu Diesel Engine First Start
First start after complete engine overhaul done by myself and two others at school. Such a nice sound

chevy luv 4x4
(sorry for shakey camera) this is my 79 chevy luv 4x4 and toyota and my gmc all bought by me and built by me and i put alot of work into them haha , but its mostly the luv that i love the most , its a beast . i promise you none of this was given to me , i work for my stuff and save up for my rigs . every thing i have was bought for under 500 and i built them to be good rigs, (toyota is being rebuilt right now )