Infiniti M56 Stock vs 5.0 Coyote Mustang On Drag Radials 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Stock M56 and the Mustang had drag radials on it unknown if any bolt ons

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Infiniti M56 World Record 1/4 Mile Stock 12's
Dred of DredRacing channel claims stock Infiniti M56 World Record. 12.960@109.61 This car is completely 100% Bone Stock no tricks no tunes no timing changes or resistors. Car is the way it came from the factory. I know this isn't prestigious like overall radial record or GTR or anything like that.The announcer didn't even know what it was. But I'm pretty happy with this run especially knowing it's got more in it.

Infiniti m56s vs zo6
He give me jump at 140 km and past me at 220 ... freaindly race Zo6 ( varam airintake and tun and headers ) Infiniti ( stillen Exhaust and kn filter )

Infiniti M56 race

Bone Stock Infiniti M56 X vs 66 Chevelle
1700+DA M56 is stock Chevelle has a modified big block. Body on the Chevelle was near perfect so nice to see in person.