BMW 335i e92 vs BMW M3 e92 - 100-240 km/h Battle

Direkter Tachovergleich 335i gegen M3. In der Praxis geht der 335i dem M3 bei 0-140 bereits eine Autolänge voraus.

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BMW 335i DCT Ziptuning 0-100km/h 4.6 0-200km/h 14.6
It was rather cold and the tyres were not warm enough. You can't hear it but did a lot of spin in 1st gear and I couldn't give full throttle. I'm running the stock Bridgestone RFT but will change to Continental Sport Contact 5P very soon. I think it will help. Driving 3 months now with Ziptuning flash and very satisfied with the performance.

BMW E92 335i vs BMW E92 M3 (2010.06.16)

BMW 335i e92 vs Audi RS4
335i gegen Audi RS4 aus der Baustelle raus. Acceleration on the german highway.

BMW E92 335i vs BMW E92 M3
Both cars are tuned. 1 passenger in each vehicle. Action takes place on a closed section of the road.