Test Driving a Nissan 300zx TWIN TURBO!!!!!

Alex having too much fun driving a 1990 nissan 300zx twin turbo for the first time you can feel those turbos!!! TWIN turbo!!!

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0-110 MPH Pull 300zx Twin Turbo 17psi
Enjoy :D sorry for the shaking camera hard to hold still when the car is losing traction into third gear.

Russell's 300ZX Walk Around and Engine Start
Engine Related Mods include: 88mm Wiseco Pistons (Ring Gaps set accordingly) Eagle Forged Rods Clevite Rod and Main Race Bearings Arp Main Studs Arp Head Studs 2860RS Garret BB turbos (Sport 700's) Ash Spec V2 Massive SMICs Ash Spec 2.5" Intercooler Piping Z1 2.5" Downpipes Z1 2.5" Test Pipes Greddy Sp2 Catback 2.5" MSP Manifolds Nismo 740cc Injectors Mild Port Selin Dual Maf Translator Dual JWT Pop Chargers Eprom Base Tune Spec Stage 5 Clutch/Pressure Plate Nismo Pilot Bearing Cooling Related Mods Include: Koyo Aluminum Radiator Earls Oil Cooler Nismo Thermostat Suspension Related Mods Include: Tein Flex Coilovers Suspension Techniques 29mm Front Sway Bar Suspension Technique 21mm Rear Sway Bar Ebay FUCA's (Need to get rid of those) SPL RUCA's Tein Tension Rods (Caster Adjustment) Braking Mods Include: 14" 6 Piston Front Rotora Big Brake Kit Drilled Slotted Rear Rotors Stainless Steel Brake Lines Boost and Computer Management Mods Include: HKS EVC-S Boost Controller Greddy turbo Timer

Sick Nissan 300zx with Veilside Evolution exhaust!
Blue Nissan 300zx & White Volks CE28n's with Veilside Evolution Exhaust

300zx TT: In car (60-150)
Skip to 6:35 or 10:00 for the action. More GoPro fun. The turbo's love the cold (45 deg.) so it seemed like a good opportunity to see what the new snails can do. Upgrades for those who are interested: -Ported heads and intake plenums (upper and lower) -GT2560r's, HKS actuators -Dual 3" turbo-back (Fab'd- 409 SS w/ 1/2" SS flanges) -Dual 2.5" planar Intakes (Dual MAF w/ Selin Translator, 6" Spectre filters w/ velocity stacks) -Vertical flow FMIC -Nismo 555cc injectors -Nismo G-Maxx twin disc w/ associated flywheel - red cover -AMS pulley set -Setrab oil cooler -Weight reduction (-336 lbs) -SZ Tune @ 16.5 lbs. -Greddy Profec B Spec-2 -13" BBK -Standard R1 coilovers w/ adjustable arms and rods -RPF1's - 18x9.5/10