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Best GIRL Fails of 2016 | Funny Fail Compilation
Compilations of the Best GIRL Funny Fails from 2016! Hot firls on trampolines, sleepwalking fails caught on tape, cheerleading gone wrong, stupid summer stunts, dumb girls getting owned and more! Do you have an epic fail, a stunt gone wrong or someone getting owned caught on tape? Submit it here and we'll feature it in our upcoming compilations. Be sure to check back every week ► Check out more Fail comps ► NsuOGD0s&index=1 Subscribe ►

Summer Fail Compilation August 2016 || Best Of Funny Summer Fails
Funny summer fails, pool fail, rope swing fails, water skiing fail, girl on bike fail, slip n slide fails, jumping in pool fail, boat fails, jumping in water fails. SUBSCRIBE: Last video: Like our FB page:

✔Funniest Beach Fail Compilation 2015|8Fails
Beach Fails | Volleyball Fails | Backflip Fails | Exercise ball Fails | Backflip Fails | Horse Riding Fails | Fails At The Beach | Rope Swing Fails 8Fails is a channel based on viewer's funny videos. We collect/release various types of compilations and montages every week. We love to see people happy, and that is what we are going to do; make you laugh. PREVIOUS VIDEO ▶ Follow us on: Facebook ▶ Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE ▶ MORE ON THE PLAYLIST ▶ ▶These ads are not ours◀ If your Video is in this Compilation/Montage please contact us to be credited for it or have your part removed, thank you. ───────────────────── COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Our purpose, when making this kind of compilations, is NOT to steal other people's videos, but to make quality compilations and share these with our viewers. ───────────────────── Original: Girl falls from the horse in the water: Multiple guys on a beach with bikes: Simon can't kite: Kiting fails: Girl can't complete a backflip: Drunk *Chubby* guy can't make a backflip: Exercise ball (Andrew – Black Shirt, Red Pants): Kids backfliping on a beach: Guy completes a backflip but fall in water: Black Exercise ball: Guy in shorts makes double backflip but lands on his head: Red Pants (Goat beard) guy fails at backflip: Exercise ball pops: Girl gets hit in the face with a volley-ball : (Green Shirt) Guy falls from a tiny wave: Dude gets huge airtime with a kite: Another dude falls from the board: (GoPro) Guy gets catapulted: Two guys fall from the surfboard: Kid makes a flip while skim surfing: Guy has 0 balance on the board: *Chubby* mom fails at skim surfing: Kid hits his face while skim surfing: Beach fails (White shirt): Kid slams his face in the sand: Double flip fail: Green Pants Guy Lands on his back: Black Shirt Kid (Flip): Ground falls apart: Triple front flip face plant: Purple Exercise ball: Double front flip: (Yellow Shirt)Kid and front flip: Front flip (GoPro) and blue exercise ball: Front flip (White Shirt guy): 3x Frontflip: Faceplant frontflip: Faceplant frontflip (Yellow shirt guy) #2: Frontflip (Blue man): Dude land on his back: Exercise ball blows apart: Kid makes a front flip from the fence;

The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012
Subscribe for new compilations every Friday! ► FailArmy's best girl fails of 2012 put together in one fail compilation for your viewing pleasure. To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out: SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS: FACEBOOK: