buick 455 convertible

1975 Buick LeSabre 455 big block convertible tucked on 26s in the streets off south central los angeles ca

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CDS Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal APPOINTMENT with RALPH went PERFECTLY!!! 11-8-2014
This video is self-explanatory. I am VERY HAPPY that John Sandoval sent me to Ralph's Auto Center!!! I was so excited to drive away ... I could hardly wait until the 455 reached normal operating temperature LOL. RALPH IS A TRUE BLESSING! I also owe Mr. TYRONE TAYLOR many positive THANKS! Ralph and Tyrone are the ONLY mechanics/technicians that DID NOT SCREW ME with LIES of work they did ... nor create price-gouging techniques, and due balances that ... CHANGED every single time I made a PAYMENT!!!! Moving forward ... my 10-1/2 PSI of fuel pressure is NOT good. I am getting a FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. TA Performance mentioned to me some time ago that, over 9-PSI of fuel pressure is TOO MUCH for MY Buick 455. turbo-Steve mentioned to me today that I should check the FLOAT LEVEL before doing anything else. UPDATES To Follow.

1972 Buick Centurion LT-1 Vert on 24 inch Asantis
buick vert on 24 inch asantis

1972 buick lesabre on 26's
26's on a 1972 buick lesabre.

ULTIMATE AUDIO: FOR SALE, 1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible, $18.5K OBO - 1080p HD
Ultimate Audio: 803-359-0007.1220 West Main St, Lexington, SC 29207 http://www.ultimateaudiosc.com Had to do a video of this Purple 1975 Buick LeSabre Convertible, sitting on 22" Asanti wheels, that is for sale at Ultimate Audio shop! The guy wants $18,500 for it, but they are accepting offers on it! UA has done work to it too... Such as the whole system in this car has been upgraded. It has a COMPLETE JL Audio system in it. The trunk is done up as well with the white leather, and custom wrapped fiberglass pieces to match! Interior is white leather, with purple piping. And the motor is a big block (not sure what kind) but it has a FAST EFI fuel injected kit installed on it! And it has a H/O Stinger alternator. As far as I'm concerned, everything is working fine on the car! But for more information and details on it, called Ultimate Audio, as they will gladly explain everything that's been done to it!