IS350 (stock) vs BMW 335i (JB3, CAI, 100 octane)

'06 Lexus IS 350 (stock) VS '07 BMW 335i (JB3, CAI, 100 octane) 60-120mph

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Catless downpipes for the 335i!
We installed raceland catless downpipes today. As of right now the secondary cats are still in place, we deleted the muffler in a previous video. We have finished the rest of the Exhaust so there aren't holes in the bumper anymore, stay tuned for that video! Follow us on social media IG: jxalfonso & aaron_gardia Twitter: AaronGardia & JxAlfonso *****NOT INTENDED FOR COPYRIGHT***** Music by: tals-rap-beat-19

BMW 335i vs Lexus IS350
335i vs IS350. Both are stock. IS350 has no axle-back.