Intro-Tech Automotive Snow Shade Windshield Cover

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WeatherTech Windshield Sun Shade
Custom fit and perfect for any season, the TechShade can keep your vehicle cool in the summer and help prevent frost build-up in the winter. These sun visors will exceed all your expectation and more. Stay Informed and Sign Up: Subscribe to our Channel: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+: FREE SHIPPING Give us a call at 866-262-3738 Video Transcription: Josh: Hey guys, Josh here at I'm with Rick here at the WeatherTech booth, at SEMA. He's gonna show us the new TechShade. Rick: Josh, I couldn't be more excited about this item. The great thing about this item is, is that this is really designed for all 50 states, or I would tell you as every country. The TechShade is unique because it's actually a two-sided solar shade. Well, the shiny side, of course, is going to deflect heat. But the dark side that can be used in the winter, that will reflect heat. Each one of them like our linear, is digitally fit to every windshield. So it's going to fit perfectly and can be easily rolled up when it's not in use and stored in your backseat or in your trunk. Retail price points on this are anywhere from about $50 to $70. And every one of them is available as a custom fit item. And I think the perfect accessory for keeping the sun out of your vehicle, protecting your dash. And in the winter, the dark side, creating heat and help you keep that windshield clean.

Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Heat Shield
Chris Duke's Motorz Partz segment from S06E05. Watch the full episode at SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: In this segment, Chris talks about the Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Heat Shield. More info: The UVS100 Custom Sunscreen is the only windshield sunscreen to earn a U.S. Patent. We make the UVS100 Custom Sunscreen by hand, one unit at a time, from laminating the panels to cutting the pattern…these are truly Crafted2Fit®. This premium quality, custom patterned folding heat shield has a silver reflective fabric on the outer side, soft felt on the inside. Both fabrics are laminated to a foam core board which acts as an insulator. The silver outside-facing fabric helps reflect damaging UV rays that not only heat the inside of your vehicle but also can damage the interior. - Triple laminate construction - Outside silver reflective surface – Soft felt surface inside - Foam core center – Acts as insulator - Accordion fold – Easy use & storage - Easy to use – Fold down sun visors to hold in place - Available in 5 colors - 90 Day Warranty

Cool Cap Heat Blocking Auto Sun Shades
Cool Cap® blows all other car sun shades away by giving your vehicle full protection against the summer's hot blazing damaging heat. Cool Cap's Reflectionite Fabric blocks the heat from the outside, before it gets into your car. By covering your car's roof and all the glass, the Cool Cap® effectively acts like a portable garage. (Your car dashboard will be over 100 degrees cooler on hot days when you use a Cool Cap®.) Sun Shades don't keep a car cool ...because they are located inside the car. ...because they only block the sun at the front windshield. Cool Caps® work because our highly reflective fabric blocks all the heat from all the windows and the roof - from the outside, before it gets into your car! Simply pull them on or toss them over your car. Velcro Straps fasten at each side-view mirror. Lock the tail into your trunk or use our unique Soft Hooks to fasten your Cool Cap® to your vehicle. Available at

New Invention - iceScreen ~ The Magnetic Ice Shield
Clear your car window of ice, snow or frost in seconds with the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield! hield This easy to use snow removal product will completely change your outlook on having to park outside this winter. Safety and practicality are of utmost importance to us. A clean window in the middle of winter no longer has to be considered a luxury, reserved only for those with a garage – now anyone can drive away with a clean windshield in less time than it takes to locate your scraper. Ice scraping is so last year. The iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield is reinforced with a double waterproof coat – it will keep your windshield free from ice, snow and frost through the worst of winter. Early morning dew will be no competition for this fast acting solution. Use the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield cover all year round – just flip your cover over for instant sun reflection. This all-in-one solution works like a charm to keep your dashboard, steering wheel and front seats cool during summer months. Dark interior and leather seats are no longer an issue – no more burning or waiting for the air conditioning to cool things down! It comes with magnet clips that are not only fun, but practical. Effortlessly attach them to your vehicle’s framework by simply peeling off the cover to reveal a clear window underneath. All magnets come in chrome/stainless steel. The magnets are circular and come in their own gel padding case – removing all edges from the equation. Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.