chevy colorado sequential signals

chevy colorado sequential LED signals and projector headlights

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How to: Sequential Turn Signals on a Chevy Colorado
This DIY wiring mod will work on any 1st generation body style GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado. In this video I did this mod on my 06' Colorado, I hope this video will help with any concerns with how the wiring is set up and functions. *UPDATE* inner bulb part number is 3157 and outer bulb is 3575. *UPDATE* after sundown when the headlights automatically turn on the turn signals will be sequential. Only during day time the turn signals on AUTO position will be dual. (This mod may not be legal in your state so double check your state law to see if this mod is OK to do in your home town)

2004 GMC Canyon 100% L.E.D.
Over a years time I have converted my canyon to 100% led lighting. There isn't a single halogen bulb left.

Fast flashing Led tail light 09 Gmc Canyon
Led tail light problem 09 Gmc Canyon. I got these Racer Innovation smoked leds, the first time I installed it I sent the right side back because the blinker was fast, the customer service rep told me it was a faulty unit due to the fact that even when I switched the resistor packs with the left side it still had the same problem. I got the new right side in and it did it again. But when stock lights are in, no probs at all. Its not the lights (cause they told me they checked them before they sent the replacement) , its not the resistors (cause I switched them and there was the same problem), its not the wiring (cause when stocks are in it doesn't do that), its not the polarities (cause I switched them and nothing happened even though there is only one positive and one negative on led connections). Im not sure what the deal is...

Sequential Turn Signals
Web Electronic Products STS-2S module on my '07 Chevy Colorado