How To Put On A Pro Net

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Install a Tailgate Net on a Pick Up Truck
This video details the installation of a ProNet Tailgate net on a 2004 Ford F150 STX pickup truck.

Installing A Tailgate Net On A Pickup Truck
Installing a Bully (brand name) tailgate net. First decide how you want to install net mounts. Determine were to place them. Placement of mounting hardware is personal preference.

2015 Ford F-150 Tailgate Myth Debunked | Autoblog
Autoblog Editor Greg Migliore travels to the wind tunnel at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Mich. to debunk the myth that driving with your tailgate down is more aerodynamic. Subscribe to Autoblog Today: Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry. We are a trusted source of auto research, information, and automotive issues. Our love and passion for everything auto can be seen at, and in our original series 'The List' ( Autoblog's video property is a part of the AOL On Network. Get more Autoblog Read Autoblog: Like Autoblog: Follow Autoblog:

Homemade tailgate for my truck
Used some angle iron to make a tailgate for my truck. Still need to finish it but it's looking good. Not sure why there is a clicking sound in the audio track. I checked my original video and there is no clicking sound. But so far youtube doesn't seem to have a way for me to replace the video as the original one i uploaded or just the audio track. I'll have to keep trying to figure out how to fix it. i could add music from youtube.