How To Put On A Pro Net

Very easy to do...

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Install a Tailgate Net on a Pick Up Truck
This video details the installation of a ProNet Tailgate net on a 2004 Ford F150 STX pickup truck.

Installing A Tailgate Net On A Pickup Truck
Installing a Bully (brand name) tailgate net. First decide how you want to install net mounts. Determine were to place them. Placement of mounting hardware is personal preference.

Truck Tailgate Hideaway System
Patented hideaway tailgate system fresh on the market for manufacturers!

Lance Coury talks about the Moto-Gate
Lance Coury gives a description about the Moto-Gate, how it works and the positives of using one. The video shows the Moto-Gate securing 2 bikes and all the gear that goes with it, as well as Carey Harts Dodge with 1 bike and all the gear.