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Installing A Tailgate Net On A Pickup Truck
Installing a Bully (brand name) tailgate net. First decide how you want to install net mounts. Determine were to place them. Placement of mounting hardware is personal preference. Check Out Bills Website:

How To: Install A DeeZee Tailgate Assist on your truck.
Another DIY project perfect for a Saturday morning. Probably almost anybody could do this project by themselves in an hour. A tailgate assist automatically lowers your tailgate slowly and safely. It does not create any additional, noticeable resistance when raising the tailgate. Love it on my 2005 RAM 1500. I got the DeeZee Tailgate Assist for $35.95 from AutoAnything (April, 2012). They have them available for most makes/models. Background music provided courtesy of Anthony Russell ( Direct link to the full song, "Piano Music": IK--wvxkFS7d0bJbqPkVjirpaU2ic=

Insert from MythBusters - Tailgate Up or Down 2 (from More Myths Revisited) fuel consumption test
This is a part from More Myths Revisited episode 64 where boys are testing fuel consumption in addition to tailgate up/down, also tested hardcover over pickup bed, tailgate removed, and tailgate mesh. Testing done with an electronic flowmeter hooked into fuel line for precise measuring.

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