SRT-4 vs T-REX

SRT-4 VS T-REX Leaving Galveston TX from biker weekend and ran into 2 T-Rexs's the orange one was not down to play but the red one was down for a fun run.... race started around 40 and shut it down around 140ish SRT-4 won by half a car

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Lamborghini Murcielago & T-Rex in Miami
Lamborghini murcielago vs T-Rex

The restoration rebuild of my wife's 2003 SRT-4 in a slideshow.

t-rex track worthy
J. De Larochelliere driving a t-rex

Campagna Motors T- Rex 16S Review reviews the Campagna T-Rex, a freak of engineering. The T-Rex is a three wheeled formula car inspired machine with a 160hp,1649cc BMW Inline 6 engine. It has fiberglass body panels, is super light and can get up to 60mph in only 4 seconds. The only man nuts enough to take this on the race course was contributing blogger Justin Kaehler.