SRT-4 vs T-REX

SRT-4 VS T-REX Leaving Galveston TX from biker weekend and ran into 2 T-Rexs's the orange one was not down to play but the red one was down for a fun run.... race started around 40 and shut it down around 140ish SRT-4 won by half a car

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Si vs T Rex
Not really a race, but listen to that thing as i pull up to it.

T-rex vs Lambo Gallardo (color match) Race on south beach cswy
On the way to south beach.

【対決動画】BMW vs T-Rex
BMWとティーレックスの対決動画です!!爽快感かな りあってカッコ良い!! BMW 335xi vs T-Rex 1400

worlds fastest fiat 500
Tag Built 1970 Fiat 500 with stock body 10.44 E.T. at 138.9 mph. sponsored by Bully Performance Clutch.