Daimler Super v8 LWB 250 km/h

Cruising on German Highway with Daimler Super v8

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Daimler Super Eight - 1 Of 853
Daimler Super Eight - 1 Of 853 Muzyka: Ludovico Einaudi - Fly Produkcja: Dynamic Motion Media 2013 (non-profit) www.dynamicmotionmedia.com Stabilizacja obrazu: FX-CAM MX.

Klokje Rond - Daimler Eight
Een Daimler, met ruim 400.000 kilometer op de teller, is een schitterend ding. Dat schreeuwt natuurlijk om de mening van TÜV-keurmeester Meengs. Eens kijken hoe hij erover denkt.

Daimler Super V8 0-130 km/h
Daimler Super V8 0-130 km/h

Quantum of Solace, x308 Daimler Super V8 (Jaguar)
60 seconds from Quantum of Solace, in which Greene is driven from the airport to the opera in an x308 Daimler (Jaguar) Super V8. It looks like Bond is driving a Volvo S40. I received a question asking how I was certain this was a Super V8. The only external clues I have to go on are: the fluted plinth and grille, 17" Solar wheels, and the larger Exhaust tips. All these things can be easily swapped from car-to-car, but assuming this car was delivered this way it is most likely a Super V8.