VW Fox Autocross - Velocity Driving School

My first run in the Fox. Lots of steering input required, but once you get used to it, the setup is really neutral and it grips well. Fun!

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91 VW Fox at PCA Autocross 9/16/07
For those of you new to autocross, lifting a wheel while autocrossing a VW is completely normal, as demonstrated here by Mr. Lotts

The Fox: A Video Tribute
1993 VW Fox: Awesomeness on Wheels. Took one hell of a beating before it finally got totaled and went down swinging (PS: it still runs, it's just totaled). This car was pretty much a member of my family. SONG: "Foxy, Foxy" by Rob Zombie (NOT MINE). Adam briefly sings: "Kick my Ass" by Big & Rich (ALSO NOT MINE).

How to prepare for your first track day / first autocross - Boosted Films
0:39 - Tires and Brakes 1:56 - Suspension 2:47 - Interior 3:19 - Under the hood 4:17 - Safety Equipment 5:23 - Be Prepared 6:45 - Pushing the Limits 9:23 - Connect with us Read more here: http://blog.365racing.net/2014/01/10/preparing-for-a-track-day-hpde-must-re ad-for-pg2014/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoostedFilms Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoostedFilms Instagram: http://instagram.com/Boostedfilm Tumblr http://Boostedfilms.tumblr.com/ 365Racing http://www.365racing.net CWSCC http://www.cwscc.com Brakes and Tires - Spend the money on good high temp brake fluid and good racing brake pads especially if you are doing a lapping day/TT/HPDE. Under the hood must dos: 1) Battery tie down. 2) No leaking fluids 3) Positive battery terminal covered Interior: Remove all loose items, including floor mats! Safety: Have an Snell SA rated helmet. (Hans device recommended for big track) Suspension: No modifications necessary, just needs to be in good operating order. Cool Down laps: Use them!

1993 VW Fox Wolfsburg autocross setup
This is my 1993 Volkswagen Fox. 2.0l jetta motor aba block 1.8l 8v head. 13.1 compression ratio running race fuel. Msd egnition. Coil over springs. Racing seats. Straight pipe with two mufflers.