VW Fox Autocross - Velocity Driving School

My first run in the Fox. Lots of steering input required, but once you get used to it, the setup is really neutral and it grips well. Fun!

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Miata Autocross Helmet Cam - Velocity Driving School May 22
Doing a run in my Miata at the driving school course... currently it's on cheap all seasons and it's not really set up for autox, but it's still fun :)

Lotus Elise Autocross Helmet Cam
My first run in a friend's Elise. I was a bit surprised how heavy the steering was, so you can see me struggle with that a bit, especially when I get late in the slalom. Great car, but the driver needs some work! :)

How NOT to get out of an Elise
Not one of my smoothest moments! It doesn't help that I'm a big guy, but still I could probably improve my technique with some practice!

Morning Timelapse
My first timelapse with my go pro hd camera. I had it take pictures every 10 seconds, and there are 1000 pictures. They were taken over 2 hours 47 minutes. I put them together at 30 frames per second.