VW Fox Autocross - Velocity Driving School

My first run in the Fox. Lots of steering input required, but once you get used to it, the setup is really neutral and it grips well. Fun!

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The Fox: A Video Tribute
1993 VW Fox: Awesomeness on Wheels. Took one hell of a beating before it finally got totaled and went down swinging (PS: it still runs, it's just totaled). This car was pretty much a member of my family. SONG: "Foxy, Foxy" by Rob Zombie (NOT MINE). Adam briefly sings: "Kick my Ass" by Big & Rich (ALSO NOT MINE).

91 VW Fox at PCA Autocross 9/16/07
For those of you new to autocross, lifting a wheel while autocrossing a VW is completely normal, as demonstrated here by Mr. Lotts

vw fox (voyage) 16v scca autocross deland fl 7/21/08
my vw fox 16 valve conversion doing an autocross in deland fl. as you can see i got a little crazy with it. sadly enough it spun a rod bearing on the way home

VW Fox Racecar