Honda Civic VTI vs VW Golf 3 GTI

Honda Civic VTI vs VW Golf 3 GTI, Drag Race, Run What You Bring, Gjader, Albania

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Honda Civic VTi vs. Opel Astra GSI Drag Race EESLC
2008.07.20 Szentkiralyszabadja EESLC Drag Race

civic si vs. golf gti racing
READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!! im driving the civic and my friend is taping the vid. i had a stock civic si with a bad 3rd gear as u can tell from the vid. the gti was smashing too the driver was surprised too that i kept up with him. im not a good driver either.

Honda Civic EK9 vs Golf 3 VR6 HD Quali
other view... no limit highway

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