2002 Saturn SC2 vs. 1996 Ford Thunderbird V6

Bunch of funny races on a wintry night between a SC2 and a V6 Thunderbird, all of them were pretty close, great races!

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"Seeing Sound" --- Bowling Alley Scenario -- DMS 442
Small project for my DMS 442 class. The objective was to film surroundings in a silent environment. The point of my assignment was to demonstrate the seeing of sounds. Enjoy!

Pool of Priorities (Final Cut) --- DMS 341
Special Thanks to: Carl Galante and Classic Cue Billiards This is a final project of mine for DMS 341 --- Intermediate Video Production. Video work was done with a Sony A1U HDV Camera Audio/Voiceover recordings were done with a Tascam100 Music Generation was done with compilations of sounds from www.freesound.org, all produced in Adobe Audition 1.5 Actors/Actresses: Zach Schifferle Laura Galante Becky Wettlaufter Krista Glenn Estelle Glenn Special Thanks to: Carl Galante and Classic Cue Billiards

saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a Camaro

Saturn SC2 VS Mistu Eclipse GS with 2 SRT4s following
it was a fun night of racing so i said why don't i race the GS. The Saturn at this point had a cat back exhast and an short ram air intake. That's all. The Eclipse had about the same mods to it but was MT mine at the time was AT. This video is 6 years old FYI so my car is very different and his is dead lol. AND he was not sand-bagging it.