2002 Saturn SC2 vs. 1996 Ford Thunderbird V6

Bunch of funny races on a wintry night between a SC2 and a V6 Thunderbird, all of them were pretty close, great races!

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carreras en la pista faster evento ITESCA

saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a Camaro

Saturn S-Series Manual Transmission Shifter Cable Replacement
This video shows the replacement of a broken set of shifter cables on my Saturn SL-2. The Ebay user to look for if you need a replacement shifter bushing is Saturnbushingman. He has an option in Delrin or you can go with a Stainless option.

1996 Ford Thunderbird
Trade for Ford Pickup..1996 V8 4.6 automatic, full powe, dual Exhaust