1987 iroc cherry bomb exhaust

For anybody wondering about the Exhaust setup, it has a custom cat back with the glass pack before the axle almost at the center of the car then its just all pipe after not sure what size pipes though

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1982 camaro z28 seafoam
seafoaming my 1982 z228 Camaro. its got a stock 305 but that will be soon changed

Cherry Bomb Sound Video 1985 Chrysler New Yorker Turbo
This is my 1985 Chrysler New Yorker turbo I and my $30 muffler job. Kept the stock Exhaust tip, strapped on a $23 cherry bomb Exhaust, $7 worth of hanger and clamps used beat up tooth missing hack saw and a half hour of my time. Sounds pretty decent in my opinion. What do you think? Keep in mind I paid $650 for this thing with everything working except the A/C. I'm not going to redo the entire Exhaust and put some shiny Borla setup on it that would probably cost more than the car itself.