135i jb4 tune vs stock e39 m5


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Bmw M5 vs modded Bmw 135i

DCT E90 M3 vs DCT JB4 135i
BMW E90 M3 VS BMW E82 135i Both cars are equipped with DCT. M3 mods = Muffler delete 135i n55 mods = Jb4 and muffler delete

BMW 135i jb4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG OE Tuned vs Z06 Drag Race
Friendly run on the Mexican Shoreline... 135i with JB4 + Meth vs OE Tuned C63 AMG... 135i has downpipes, helix ic, and meth kit, stock Exhaust @ 18.5psi c63 has OE tune and Intake filters z06 wasnt really running but was mostly stock with a fresh block rebuild Camera car is a Charger RT , too slow to keep up but was an excited friend of mine

E39 M5 vs E90 335i (JB4)
2002 BMW M5 Mods: Performance Muffler (otherwise stock) 2007 BMW 335i Mods: JB4 Tune (Map 5), Catless Downpipes, DCI, E85 (35%) First race 50-100mph Second race 0-100mph Filmed in Mexico.