Turbo Camaro Vs Srt4

My friends turbo Camaro Vs some guy with an Srt-4 Neon. Camaro has 504whp and the Srt has somewhere between 370 and 465 hp so he says. He wasnt really clear or sure so idk. Either way it was a close race. Sneaky STI jumped in at the end. Correction!!!! The Camaro and SRT4 reDynoed their cars 1 week later and their numbers were different than previously stated. The Camaro had an issue with its Boost controller and couldnt go above 10psi. Only put down 488 on a Dyno-Dynamics. Same day and shop the Neon put down 399whp.

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srt4 vs camaro
my buds srt4 260+whp vs another friends Camaro 410+whp. enjoy!!!

srt4 vs 3 camaros ss
srt4 gt3082 vs 3 Camaros ss

5,0 vs SRT-4 vs Camaro
5.0- intake/xpipe/mufflers 411/392 Camaro- LS3 Cam only, bolt ons Srt4- 30r, bolt ons 19psi

Rystang87 CAMARO vs. srt-4
Ryan STANG'S 600 hp 69' Camaro getting pulled on by a silly srt-4 NEON! Rystang87 Instagram