The Dream Car - Electric Pyramid Car

Illuminati Car From The Past For The Future - Homemade Electric Car - By Greg Zanis pyramid car will go over 250mph in a high speed air flow tunnel system. Homemade Prototype Electric Solar Car Vehicle

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80+ mph Electric Truck Conversion Part 1 - Converting a gas powered 93 Mazda pickup to a 100% electric vehicle. This is a freeway capable conversion kit with speeds of 80+ mph. Part 1 shows all of the steps taken to remove old and install new components.

EV Electro Swift, Electric car Conversion

How to make the simplest electric car - homemade mini car
how to make the simplest mini electric car - homemade car subscribe to my channel at Follow me on google+... MY Facebook page .. in this video i'm gonna show you how to make the simplest electric mini car powered by a single 9V battery it's very simple and you can make it by yourself just follow the instructions and have fun. music : Cheating Juarez - John Deley and the 41 Players you can also watch some of my other videos 1-how to make a simple gatling gun 2-how to make a mini electric car 3-how to make a mini crossbow 4-How to make a paper sniper rifle that shoots 5-how to make a paper gun

BALDOR - Athens, Georgia Plant
Products Manufactured at the Athens Plant: Cast Iron Frame AC Motors, Fixed and Adjustable Speed, NEMA 360T - 5800 Frames