Blown Dakota Startup

Paxton Novi 1000 Supercharger, 206 Cams, JBA Headers, Spintech Cats, Borla dual Catback, 49lbs injectors and SRT 2-BAR MAP

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Chuck's 500HP supercharged Dakota R/T
SDCE 360 blown crate engine.

224 Cammed Dakota Driveby
2005 Dodge Dakota with 224 cams and Magnaflow cats open Exhaust doing a driveby.

AlcohoI Injection System
Fueling and Cooling the Boost with a Split Second Controller Computer Bosch Anodized Alcohol Racing Injectors. Mixture 75% Denatured Alcohol to 25% water.

Dakota RT crash
Many of you have already scene my first two videos of the Sniper RT. Well many of you also wandered what happen to it and asked. I could only tell you about it before. Well here are some pictures to show exactly how it went down. This is a collage of the first two videos and new footage from what happen to the Sniper RT.