Blown Dakota Startup

Paxton Novi 1000 Supercharger, 206 Cams, JBA Headers, Spintech Cats, Borla dual Catback, 49lbs injectors and SRT 2-BAR MAP

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Chuck's 500HP supercharged Dakota R/T
SDCE 360 blown crate engine.

224 Cammed Dakota Driveby
2005 Dodge Dakota with 224 cams and Magnaflow cats open Exhaust doing a driveby.

4.7L Blower Whistle
Paxton Novi 1000 Supercharger 206 Cams JBA Headers Spintech Cats Dual Exhaust #39 Injectors 2-Bar MAP SCT Tuned By Hemifever

Dakota RT crash
Many of you have already scene my first two videos of the Sniper RT. Well many of you also wandered what happen to it and asked. I could only tell you about it before. Well here are some pictures to show exactly how it went down. This is a collage of the first two videos and new footage from what happen to the Sniper RT.