merc VS mustang

passed my friend's older brother on the way home from the Exhaust shop and he was convinced his pos v6 Mustang could take my "grandma car"... and the rest is history

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doing donuts

98 Grand Marquis GS Vs. 03 Mustang GT
VIDEO STARTS AT :29 sorry. I thought I'd beat my buddy's Mustang with my Grand Marquis because it has a v8. Just kidding. I wanted to see how much faster it was..... I launched perfectly btw. I use my Grand Marquis as a commuter (seriously) and to tow my quad (Yes, seriously). It doesn't do too bad on gas, 22-25mpg usually.

Grand marquis vs 01 Mustang GT
2nd run with the same gt

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Grand Prix VS Grand Marquis VS Impala ls