The Unprofessionals: U.S. style trailer

They're CI5. They've got crappy guns. They don't have a Ford Capri. (Not yet) They're CI5, but not as you know them...See my channel for more, or check out:

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"The Unprofessionals" teaser
Teaser for my Comedy Series "The Unprofessionals". I play Doyle. My friends play the other Characters.

Wynalazki, Które Wstrząsnęły Światem odc 8 The 1970s 2011 lektor pl

The Black Lighting Trailer - english subs
A theatrical trailer for the upcoming russian superhero action/adventure movie "The Black Lighting". It's about a boy who gets an antique soviet car as a present from his father and finds out that it somehow can fly with the speed of lighting. Well, not exactly, but still fast. Contains english subtitles which I made somewhat on a whim, but they should be good enough to let the english audience catch the feel of the movie. If I'm to speculate, the show itself looks like a mix of Spiderman (storyline), Back to the Future (flying cars) and your usual Timur Bekmambetov ("hidden" ads in every scene, mad camera work). Still, the movie seems promising for its plot should be simple and entertaining enough to follow.

The Unprofessionals: The Financial Purging of CI5
Low budget parody of Late 70's/Early 80's series "The Professionals". Plot: Youtube pulls the plug on CI5, Bodie Doyle and Cowley end up in a race against time to raise enough money to bribe the producers into making a second series, with hillarious consequences...