The Unprofessionals: U.S. style trailer

They're CI5. They've got crappy guns. They don't have a Ford Capri. (Not yet) They're CI5, but not as you know them...See my channel for more, or check out:

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"The Unprofessionals" teaser
Teaser for my Comedy Series "The Unprofessionals". I play Doyle. My friends play the other Characters.

Wynalazki, Które Wstrząsnęły Światem odc 8 The 1970s 2011 lektor pl

The Grimleys - S01E05 - Kung Fu Fighting
Doug Digby may think he's a hard man, but he's a softie compared with his dad. Digby senior drops in on his son, spit-roasts his pet piglet for bacon sarnies and leaves Doug a quivering mess. -------------------------------------- The Grimleys is a comedy set in the 1970s at an English School. Gordon Grimley, a young but misfit schoolboy is in love with his English teacher, Geraldine Titley. Unfortunately Geraldine is in love with sadistic teacher Doug Digby. The show follows Gordon and his family as he struggles for Geraldine's attention.

Best of Eurovision: The 1970s
A list of the 40 best performances from the 1970-1979 Eurovision Song Contests. As an American, I grew up never hearing about the ESC, and was only familiar with a handful of the songs before seeing the contests on YouTube. I do not have any strong ties to the participating counties that should bias me to one or another. Feel free to comment on and/or criticize my choices. I may have overlooked a great song, so mention it if you think it should have been on the list; just know that if I excluded it because I hate it, I will not sugarcoat my reply. Please do not leave comments that ignorantly criticize an entire country or group of people; that is not what this contest is about. Disclosure: I am only fluent in English, I took French in high school and know a little Spanish. So I am limited in my ability to understand the lyrics of the non-english songs. Depending on the quality of those lyrics, this may be helpful or harmful to the song's position. Turn on annotations to see my takes on the songs, as well as some overall statistics. *Warning* the captions may contain spoilers.