Pilot bearing removal

How to remove a pilot bearing from a Ford 2.9 v6 cologne engine with grease. Hoe moet je een toplager verwijderen van een Ford 2.9 v6 motor.

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Pilot Bearing Vs Slice of Bread
Removing the pilot bearing from the back of a Ford 302 using a slice of bread and a tight-fitting rod. This trick works on most engines that I am aware of. Basically turns the bread into a hydraulic ram! Just be sure the rod is a really good fit, otherwise the bread will squeeze out around it and not work to press the bearing out. Real cool trick that makes for much easier clean up compared to pumping the cavity full of grease. Also leaves the inside super clean! Attempt at your own risk.

How to remove a clutch pilot bearing without a puller! Grease / Bread / Paper trick!
This trick works great if you do not have a puller available! All you need is a bolt that fits inside the bearing snugly, and some bearing grease! I don't have a grease gun handy, so I'm just packing it in with the bolt and my fingers. This also works with wet paper, or bread!