Two Red Dodge's

Some romp action!

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Subaru Field Flattener! ~NFM~
After hours and hours of sean and brandon tearing up the field, Its time to make it usable again :) Gotta say, that is a shitty thing to do hung over after romping the day before :) But shit, what else was i gonna do really? lay around all day. Might as well be doing something productive.

Snow romping, triking it up
Mikes footage from the one romp day this past winter.

Drew Got More Military Generators!
This time 3 10KW units. Put out about 12,000 something total watts maxed out. These are 4 cyl onans. I think the same as the 2 cyl's, but with 2 more cylinders :) I think drew found out the 2cyl ones were about 8 something, almost 9 hp maybe, so i'm assuming these are near 15hp. We were gonna take my 84 D250 again with the 318, and 4 speed manual trans, but we couldn't get the hitch on in time, so we took the beast. And almost died because it stopped charging about half way there... :)

Little Spring time romp 2015
This was before i got my main camera back. Just a quick romp, sean ripping around on the 350X, then taking his 650 through the one deep spot back in the big creek. Then mike trying to act like the 650 is a big piece of shit, hahah, which is pretty much what mike does every time he gets on that thing :) tries to piss off sean