Two Red Dodge's

Some romp action!

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My new, 1987 Dodge D100 318 Auto Shortbed
Got this beast from Vic, A Vietnam Vet. The guy even filmed some for us. Which is pretty awesome being that we never actually get footage when we go to get stuff. This is pretty cool to have. Yep, 350 bucks, blown out brake line, 20100 miles on it, Smokes like a son of a bitch. Trans doesn't like to shift. And very little rust. Good deal.

Tug o war Chevy vs Dodge
Trash talkin started all this lmfao

1985 Dodge W100 creek crossing
Slanting across the creek with this beast. My cousin steve.

When you can strap on a set of tire chains on a Blazer with open differentials and 35" BFG ALL terrains and keep up with all the guys running Bigger MUD TIRES and spools, lockers, and all the trick stuff??? He kept up with us all day and I don't ever remember having to hook a strap up to him once. There wasn't too many other people there that day that I didn't have a strap or a chain hooked up too. Enough said