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Getting the 1970 220 diesel to the field
Always nice to live close to something you buy :) So Yeah, i was pop starting it the whole way back to the field bassically, Pulling the glow plug knob out and everything, and it was barely running. Turns out, it just wasn't digging the old fuel from 2005. :) Right after i put some new diesel in it, after this video, it was running fine. But yeah, in the video, i was holding it floored most all the time, and it was just barely running, then suddenly it would rev higher. And if i let off the pedal for a second, it would drop way back down again, and hang there for a while. haha, just some weird stuff. 55HP brand new! :) Now, i had an 86 Diesel VW jetta, and don't listen to any of the clowns that say they get 50mpg all day long. The one i had, had a little notebook in it, with all the mileage, and gallons of fuel purchased since it had about 100 miles on the engine :) And the best the owner of that ever got, was 54mpg, on a trip to virginia. I'm assuming doing about 55mph all the time. I went to tennessee a few times, and got about 35mpg or so going about 80mph for 6-7 hours :) At 300,000 miles. :) It was getting a little old and tired at that point. Thats about how far those engines go, before something bad happens. But my average MPG was 42. Which is awesome, and i was never complaining, and the previous owner got about the same, maybe a bit higher, when it was younger. But thats the truth, they don't do 50 like people claim. supposedly the newer turbo 1.9's got near 50. turbo's always help. But Yep, with the 1.6L at 52 hp, in the very light 1986 jetta, i got 42mpg. Now this old heavy pig :) 2.2L, 55hp, They get around 25-low 30's from what i've read. As far as i know, 4th isn't over drive either, so that can't help. But its a bigger engine, way less efficient, putting out about the same hp while using more fuel, and the car is seriously heavier. So i don't blame it. But i do still really want to get this viciously ugly front end of a car on the road, and start running it on used motor oil :) Oh yeah, and once is started running good. We raced it against the CT90, and the CT90 blew it out of the water. Left it standing still :) The 300SD is governed at 4900RPM, this thing is governed at 4350 rpm from what i've read. so thats gotta limit top speed. And this footage is from a month ago, maybe a little bit more.

Damian Stops Over With Some HUGE Tires.
Alright, 36.5 by 14 wide. So maybe not actually huge, but huge for this place. :) So yep, did a little of that with the willys, then tried out his ford. Could use some circle headlights but other then that, that is one cool fucking truck :)

900th Video!!! Best Of!
Hey guys :) almost missed the whole best of thing, SuperDaveVideos told me i had just uploaded the 900th video with the last one, so i went back and deleted something real short and old that no one ever watched. So now, this is the 900th video :) Lots of awesome stuff from the past 6 months or so. a few year old clips too. So yeah!!! like always guys, thanks for watching!!! And Lets get this to 1000 videos, and past. Shit, lets get to 2000!!!!! At this rate, its only gonna take 5 years or so :)

Subaru Field Flattener! ~NFM~
After hours and hours of sean and brandon tearing up the field, Its time to make it usable again :) Gotta say, that is a shitty thing to do hung over after romping the day before :) But shit, what else was i gonna do really? lay around all day. Might as well be doing something productive.

~NFM~ 1984 Dodge W100 225ci VS 1991? S-10 Blazer
Just sean and drew chasing each other around for a while :) Bough the blazer from mike so now its a field field vehicle. They're pieces of shit durability wise, but i want to keep it around for a long time because it is fun just to creep through the woods in sometimes. Has full Exhaust, brakes, heat. Good mild romp machine. So we're gonna try not to destroy the thing. Though drew might not have gotten the memo on that, based on him jumping it a little. This is a NFM, not for mike video, because i know he's gonna say the video sucked or something, and i don't feel like fucking hearing it. For some reason it really bothers me when he complains about the videos. But other then the fact that the ignition system was wet, and it was misfiring, sean was beating the crap out of the old 225 slant 6, and i wanted to share that with you guys. :) those old 225's are un killable. And they sound cool too when you rev them like crazy. The crank, and power steering pulley both wobble like crazy, so it throws the belt off at anything over about 4 grand, so the whole video, sean's driving with no power steering, and the belt is hanging down you can see it in a few shots. :) Ah, and that thing hasn't had brakes in a few months :) Blew a line in the front.

my new 1984 200s 2013
Well, finally got another three wheeler. Its been a while guys. I've been slacking pretty bad on buying these things :) Probably cause i'm kinda broke. But anyway, needs alot of work. and haven't dicked with it since this video, which is about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Put some useful fenders on the 86 250ES big red last night though :) didn't get any footage though.. sorry

96 nissan first footage
So i got this rusty beast that looks nice :) I can get it inspected, once i get the check engine light sorted out. Should maybe last a year on the road. Before the rust gets super out of hand... Only getting around 15mpg right now... Not really digging that. Already put about another 500 bucks into it. I like how it doesn't have a name, just like the late 70's and 80's toyota pickups. its just a Nissan "Pickup" Digging that.

El tigre first fire up late 2012
Working on the old El Tigre, getting the beast going so we could use it in the other video i just uploaded. Good shit. :) Had been like 2 or 3 years since the thing ran.

1987 Monte Carlo LS 200,000+ Miles on it
Footage from years back of this long gone beast. When i bought it it was really nice looking, 600 dollars. But my plan was a stunt car. I didn't get my license till i was 20 or 21, Just never got around to it. So when i bought this, i gave it to drew to drive around and thoroughly test it. We found out the car is a tough mother fucker. For sure. My whole plan was to paint it all primer oxide red. I really like the color, but never finished it. :) Some of it did come out really nice though, a few of the fenders. I was also doing the dash inside. Anyway, too much info for a car thats been gone for 6 or more years...

A Violent Dirt Fountain from an 84 Ramcharger FWD
This 84 Front wheel drive ramcharger is capable of violent dirt fountains. Here's an example.

1985 W100 pulling a junk MG B GT
Had to get this thing up to a good guy for the scrap guy to pick it up.

1987 Monte Carlo LS CL Violent Beating part 1
Resurecting this car thats been sitting pretty much since 99 at the top of my driveway. its got 90,000 miles on it or so, and its got to go so i can keep the willys and the dart. Its days are very numbered. :)

Pulling the JetSki around in the creek + alot of other stuff
Got some pretty good volvo action, and jet ski stuff, tractors, pretty good romp in general. except for the fact that i had a good fever going on. that wasn't helping me out at all.

85 atc 250r with esr 310 kit
ESR 310r bolt on kit with a pump gas dome, hotrod crank, hinson basket, 89 clutch upgrade, and rpm timing advance plate, 38mm a/s

► Dodge Ram 2500 [Off-Road 4x4]
Dodge Ram 2500 [Off-Road 4x4] - AUTHOR: Roman Gapon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FTcEnWwh9Q) - If you want taken out your video, please contact me. - Лайк и подписка на канал очень сильно поможет нам в развитии =) - МЫ ВКОНТАКТЕ: http://vk.com/club32718932 Музыка: KLIM beats - Place for us (http://klimbeats.bandcamp.com)

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