Two Red Dodge's

Some romp action!

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My new, 1987 Dodge D100 318 Auto Shortbed
Got this beast from Vic, A Vietnam Vet. The guy even filmed some for us. Which is pretty awesome being that we never actually get footage when we go to get stuff. This is pretty cool to have. Yep, 350 bucks, blown out brake line, 20100 miles on it, Smokes like a son of a bitch. Trans doesn't like to shift. And very little rust. Good deal.

1974 Dodge W100! Finally got it running
Finally got this crazy beast up and going. i was at the junk yard with drew, sitting in a dodge van, i looked down, and a holly 2BBl was staring up at me from the 318 perched in the van. "Holy shit! we can get the W100 going!!!" Later that day... this :) first time it ever ran in the field. tried with some carbs i had, but they were all fucked. It ran when i first got it, but it was at kyles cabin for 2 years or so. i guess its been here for about 2 years... and now... finally, the beast is running! it charges, cools, has a gravity fed gas tank on top of the radiator, its manual steering, with 3/4 turn play in the steering box... 3 speed on the tree, with all the linkage missing, so you have 1'st and reverse with a bar through the floor. no brakes, the clutch pedal sticks down, gotta reach down to pull it up (i added 3 springs, and half a can of wD40 since this vid) no inner fenderwell on the drivers side, and only the amp gauge works on the dash :) bassically... yeah, its a fucked up truck, and its awesome :) More vids of this beast to come.

1985 Dodge W100 Slant 6 Resurection 2014
Bringing this beast back to life. Been sitting for a few years i think. Since the shifter got stuck in 1st, and the ignition system stopped igniting :) Things going to be so much fun.

1985 Dodge W100 Romping
Well, finally got some footage of the fucker in ation. i really need to pull that carb off and clean it. Also the points are seized, so the only reaso it runs, is because the arm for the points is plastic... so that is doing all the movement :) Its just flexing the arm, instead of pivoting. HA. thats a fucking new one. Bet no one else every had that going on, and running :).