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Two Red Dodge's

Some romp action!


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Subaru Field Flattener! ~NFM~
After hours and hours of sean and brandon tearing up the field, Its time to make it usable again :) Gotta say, that is a shitty thing to do hung over after romping the day before :) But shit, what else was i gonna do really? lay around all day. Might as well be doing something productive.

Drew Got More Military Generators!
This time 3 10KW units. Put out about 12,000 something total watts maxed out. These are 4 cyl onans. I think the same as the 2 cyl's, but with 2 more cylinders :) I think drew found out the 2cyl ones were about 8 something, almost 9 hp maybe, so i'm assuming these are near 15hp. We were gonna take my 84 D250 again with the 318, and 4 speed manual trans, but we couldn't get the hitch on in time, so we took the beast. And almost died because it stopped charging about half way there... :)

my new 1984 200s 2013
Well, finally got another three wheeler. Its been a while guys. I've been slacking pretty bad on buying these things :) Probably cause i'm kinda broke. But anyway, needs alot of work. and haven't dicked with it since this video, which is about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Put some useful fenders on the 86 250ES big red last night though :) didn't get any footage though.. sorry

Doing Some Brake work on The 185S
Decided to go all the way out and get some brakes going on that thing. Front and rear again! :)

When you can strap on a set of tire chains on a Blazer with open differentials and 35" BFG ALL terrains and keep up with all the guys running Bigger MUD TIRES and spools, lockers, and all the trick stuff??? He kept up with us all day and I don't ever remember having to hook a strap up to him once. There wasn't too many other people there that day that I didn't have a strap or a chain hooked up too. Enough said

Dodge Power Wagon at Kerr farm in Iowa, 2011

96 nissan first footage
So i got this rusty beast that looks nice :) I can get it inspected, once i get the check engine light sorted out. Should maybe last a year on the road. Before the rust gets super out of hand... Only getting around 15mpg right now... Not really digging that. Already put about another 500 bucks into it. I like how it doesn't have a name, just like the late 70's and 80's toyota pickups. its just a Nissan "Pickup" Digging that.

1989 Dodge W150 360ci
This is my 89 w150 its got a 360ci dual cherry bomb Exhaust i built myself its got a Kenwood system in it and two ten inch subs. Im going to get afour inch lift here pretty soon. Its my play truck/huntin/work/daily driver. Its a good solid truck and runs great. Thats my sister and her friend in the front.

Dodge ram half ton vs. Chevy Silverado half ton
just two stock trucks drag racing. the silverado gets beat.

1999 dodge ram 1500 5.9L V8 (360) 5.5" skyjacker lift, 37" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R,
this was my maiden voyage after building the truck still working out the kinks and making sure everything was installed correctly Vehicle: 1999 dodge ram 1500 5.9L V8 (360) 5.5" skyjacker lift, 37" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R, ARB air Lockers, Atlas II Transfer case 2speed 4:1 gear reduction, 3"borla custom Exhaust Location: Crystal Mountain, Colorado

1987 Dodge W100 Romping Through The New Area
This was back in probably 2006, Mike, Marty, And Allen came up and romped the shit out of Steves old truck. Good times. I was pretty nervous, cause this was one of the first times a bunch of people I didn't know, came up and romped. I'm kinda a shy person and really try to avoid going where there are people usually :) Its not that i don't like people, i do, I'm just really uncomfortable around them, and its hard to be normal. I don't just Click with people. But it seems to be getting better the older i get.

1985 Dodge Ram D-100 Custom 225 Slant-6 cold start (Nov 2012)
Cold start of the '85 Ram. Gotta love an old 225ci Slant-6 RG tall block!

94 Dodge Ram 1500 Stuck
Darren got stuck while trying to pull out the jimmy

1971 Mopar 318 Engine For Sale Showing It Run (HD) SOLD.....
This Youtube Video is advertising a 1971 318 2 barrel original Engine. Last year of the 230hp 318. Automatic, 2 barrel, only 40,000 miles, runs great! Subscribe!

Ford Diesel Truck Field Donuts
This old 7.3 Diesel doesn't give up!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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