isuzo rodeo o-100 kmh after a littel lift and 255 70 16 tires

3.5l 250hp stock +airfilter only 4speed ramair or any thing esle 3.5 لتر 250 حصان حذاف بعد الفلتر الله اعلم قير اوتو 4 سرعات وكفرات اكبر 255 القديمه كانت 245

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Isuzu V6 engine noise
Sorry for the poor quality video. This is the noise of the Isuzu V6 engine, 3.2L DOHC version, as fitted in my Rodeo. You still get to hear the great V6 noise. :3

0-180kmh 0-110+mph with my 2004 isuzu rodeo
agine only knn cone shaped filter 3.5 auto tranny

Isuzu Rodeo
3" OME lift, ARB Air Locker, 32" Nitto Terra Grapplers and black steelies

2004 isuzu rodeo 0-60 knn filter only
3.5 auto tranny with knn cone filter 3.5 قير تماتيك فلتر فقط