Nightster, Rinehart exhaust, 12" black Progressive 418

Harley Nightster with... Rineharts, Stage1, Progressive 418s, forward controls, and saddle bags.

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harley nightster bobber new and yamaha R1.FLV
oh yeah..frm a guy who delete this vid be4

Harley-Davidson 2010 Nightster 1200 with Cycle Shack mufflers
Harley Davidson 2010 Nightster - Biltwell Tracker Handlebar, Joker Machine Air Cleaner, X14ied, Cycle Shack Mufflers, Licks Mirrors. To those guys wondering what my height is, Im unfortunately short, 5'4".

2009 Harley Davidson Nightster Exhaust Upgrade
Here's a quick video of how the Freedom Performance Amendment Black Exhaust look and sound on a 2009 Nightster. Although I rev up the stock Exhaust pretty good, I don't do as much with the new Exhaust. But as you can tell the new Exhaust is louder and deeper, also I did not want to wake up the neighborhood. The decibel numbers shown were told to me by the shop, so if the stock number is wrong, I apologize. None the less the new Exhaust make the bike look and sound better, enjoy!

2008 Custom Sportster Nightster Rinehart Exhaust
My 2008 Custom Sportster with Rinehart Crossback Exhaust