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Furiously smoking ALCO - American Locomotive.Holy Smoke,Holy chugging !! That was a true eruption of thick black smoke from a worn out turbo. The deemer erupts the smoke right exactly while passing the Level crossing, wonder what were the after effects post the locomotive passed by the people out there.The ALCo was heading towards the nearest Diesel Shed for check up. INDIAN RAILWAYS to go BIO- DIESEL Also Watch ! THE DIESEL VOLCANIC ERUPTION BY SMOKING ALCOS PART-2 WATCH Train Videos in ULTRA HD 4K

37419 Trying it's best to start in very cold conditions on the 8th February 2007 at Old Oak Common Depot LONDON UK. The temperature on this date was -01c - 30.21F . The power unit is clearly COLD hence the reason it is struggling to start.It does start once the cylinder temperature rises around the 1:12 min mark. So,Please, Please stop telling us all how cold it is in your country this video is not about that.All comments made about how cold it is in your country will be deleted,we are not interested.Thanks. "Three Million hits" thank you all for the views.

Starting 850 H.P. 8 cyl, 4 carbs, 32 spark plugs, gasoline engine
This is the first start up after setting a year. Sterling gasoline inline 8 cyclinder, 32 spark plugs, 2 distributors, 4 carbs and 850 H.P. remember this is a gasoline engine. Pumped water in Danville Ill. For more info google "83 footer".

Falling an old growth redwood tree; Humboldt County, CA, 2002
This residual old growth redwood was on private property, and was missing its top. This tree was my pards and had 37,000 bd. ft. in it. It was fell with a Stihl 088 with a 60" canon bar. The logs from it were flown out with a Boeing 234 Chinook helicopter. It took about 6 hours to fall and buck, and we were in no hurry, as we, and our bullbucks were having fun. When he crawled in the undercut for a photo opportunity, he was absolutely in NO danger! There was a significant amount of holding wood that had to be cut and jack pressure applied after he did this. If you leave hateful comments where you are calling me names or wishing me ill, I will block you from commenting...have a nice day :)