Doug Starting the Engine

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Furiously smoking ALCO - American Locomotive.Holy Smoke,Holy chugging !! That was a true eruption of thick black smoke from a worn out turbo The deemer erupts the smoke right exactly while passing the Level crossing, wonder what were the after effects post the locomotive passed by the people out there. The ALCo was heading towards the nearest Diesel Shed for check up, INDIAN RAILWAYS Also Watch ! THE DIESEL VOLCANIC ERUPTION BY SMOKING ALCOS PART-2

Blackstone oil engine startup
1909 10HP Blackstone oil engine was used for pumping water from a river to a market garden. The engine was sabotaged in the 1920s by someone blowing up the cylinder with explosives. A new cylinder was installed and the engine was returned to service for a number of years when it eventually fell into disuse. A number of river floodings submerged the engine and it was eventually partially buried in silt. It was recovered in the 1990s and in 1997 it was dismantled, cleaned and started again after many years of neglect. The starting procedure requires heating of the hot bulb with a blow lamp in order to vaporise the fuel ( kerosene ) and to preheat the internal combustion chamber to allow fuel ignition.

RUN AWAY Detroit Diesel! 453-T
DD 453-T runs away! rack gets stuck on valve cover. almost lost some fingers too, it was all i could find. F'ed up new turbo compressor wheel, was only damage thankfully!

The "Monster" Awakens
First start of the year for our V12-powered Belarus/Kirovet 7111.