SRT4 goes 9.41 @ 161mph

9.41 @ 161mph.. Very fast SRT4. Not mine, don't know who's it is. Someone linked the raw video file. So here it is in a better format for all to view.

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Guinness World Records 2008 Top100
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April 2010 Kent/Renton street races
Mustangs, Saleen 5.0, S2000, jeep srt8, srt4, EVO's, RSX, RX8, Hondas, acuras, SS silverado, trucks, diesels, turbos, M3, m5, bmws all sorts of good crap on this one. if you want to go to the races, cruise the gas stations in north kent near Ikea. disclaimers: i dont race. I also own legal hard copies of music included and I'm using under the fair usage provisions under the law. this video shall not be taken down due to copyright infringment.

Ribsdaman's SRT4
One of the first startups on St Croix USVI.

700 + HP SRT4 Neon
Big tubo SRT4 Neon running S374 turbo, 8200 RPM redline, tuned with DiabloSport CMR software, built motor, cyl head, custom camshafts, blah blah blah... email me if you want a list of mods or want us to build you a car like this!