WPVW turbo oval on the dyno 1st tune with Pauter heads

the WPVW turbo oval is put on the Dyno at South Coast Rotary for the first time with a new type-4 engine combo that includes a new Scat billet crank , Pauter x-beam rods , 105.5 Chev pistons , Pauter pro-series type-4 heads 53x41 titanium valves , chev tripple springs , titanium retainers , 6 stud Pauter billet 1.4 roller rockers , dual-tapered pushrods , Garrett T-60 turbo , quad throttle body microtec injection , E85 fuel . This first session was a soft tune which produced 348bhp @ the wheels on just 15psi Boost ...... cant wait to put some more Boost into it and go racing .

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2276cc VW Engine FOR SALE
For Sale Complete 2240-2276 VW engine Low time on engine, at MOST 40hrs. on engine CB Fuel Injecton (or Weber 44) your choice High Flow Heads All the best parts Built by Arao Engineering (http://www.araoengineering.com/) Pauter Crank Pauter Peened Rods Stage III Heads 44 mm intake / 37.25 mm Exhaust 1.4 Ratio Rockers SC89 Camshaft 12-to-1 Compression 009 Distributor Remote Oil Filter Wet sump oil system (conventional) NOT DRY SUMP High Comprression RACE GAS ONLY!!! Above info. based upon phone conversation with Russ @ Arao Engineering, build sheet for engine was lost! Currently in four seat chassis, upgrading to 3.5 Honda. REALLY FAST CAR with the VW! Arao Enginering Suggests replacement cost at $5500-$6000 Used suggested price $4000-$4500 without CB Performance Injection $3500.00 OR BEST OFFER

boring 94mm holes in vw case
On the Bridgeport mill, done in two stages for a step up, one for the piston and one for the cylinder. Many people bore the hole without a step, but Ray Vallero likes to leave more material there for strength integrity.

Motor Pauter 3500cc VW a AR (aircooled) - Eduardo

Confirmed top prop rpm @ 2890(with 6:1 planetary ratio and 140 psi)25mm bore and 1-1/2 stroke. Articulating rod arrangement was designed with "master/slave rod compensated timing"(You rotary/radial engine freaks know what I'm talkin' 'bout and YES, it does make a difference). Helical ABS gears are designed with Autocad and Inventor (3D) software and built with a Stratasys FDM3000(fused deposition modeler)along with the nose cone which has embedded fasteners(10-32 nut and flat washer to prevent thrust of 2800 rpm prop from pulling away). The FDM system is the only prototyping system capable of embedding fasteners. The lasered clear and mirrored acrylic is designed with Autocadd 2D software and cut with a Universal X30 CO2 laser. Engine runs slow with a cheap $10.00 aquarium pump from Walmart.