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my kitt painting

chystání auta na stříkání a následný nástřik ,american day luštěnice 2009


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1986 Pontiac Firebird - DAVID HASSELHOFF with KITT from Knight Rider
Christopher Rutkowski takes a journey with KiTT as he learns from Jennifer Catano what Knight Rider is all about. Michael Knight himself, DAVID HASSELHOFF, takes us for a ride and tells us why KITT existed and how important his old buddy is to fans. We're teaming up with KNIGHTRIDERHEROES.com to bring you this special episode. Be sure to check out knight rider heroes as there will be some very special information and an announcement soon, and you know theAFICIONAUTO is going to be a part of it! Watch this very special episode of theAFICIONAUTO as we explore one of the most famous movie/tv cars ever built. Sound Design and mix: TJ Jacques As always enjoy, share and SUBSCRIBE! clicking LIKE helps as well ;) keep an eye on exciting stuff that's coming up, Like us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/theAFICIONAUTO instruct me on how to use twitter by following our TWITTER: https://twitter.com/theAFICIONAUTO I love instagram, and if you do too then follow our INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/theAFICIONAUTO

Postup při lakování

Renovace me Skodovky 120L
Renovace me Skodovky 120L. Fotky jsou z obdobi zari 2007 - cervenec 2010 s tim, ze se na aute delalo jen obcas (skola, prace, jine konicky). Plan je do roku 2012 vyjet s novym autem v novem laku :) Drzte mi palce, az bude dostatek dalsich fotek a neco dalsiho hotovo, udelam dalsi cast videa :)

Hey folks, Mike here again. Many have asked for this, so guess what......I have assembled a "blooper reel" of the stuff you normally don't get to see in my videos. Over the years, many of you have watched, commented, and enjoyed the videos I post of my Knight Rider Kitt conversion. The clips in this video span several several years of working on my Kitt, making movies with him, and having a blast with my friends and family throughout the process. It really is as fun as it looks. :-) Unlike my other Kitt videos, this one "IS NOT" edited for content. But if you make it through the entire video, you'll get to see things like, a dash being ripped apart, a self driving Kitt attempt, a car with bad gas, a smoke screen test, a Styrofoam airplane complete with mini video camera crashing into my Kitt car, and some of my very good friends......2 of them with their own Knight Rider conversions. Hope you enjoy the video........and thanks for sharing and the awesome comments and support over the years. Even us Kitt car drivers have to have some fun once in a while. :-) The plastics and acrylics featured in my Knight Rider Kitt car can be found and purchased online at, http://www.charodonplastics.com Peace all. Mike

American Day, Luštěnice 09
Photos&Videos from VIII. American Day, Luštěnice 5.9. 2009 MadCZJack92

my k.i.t.t pontiac trans am
my k.i.t.t pontiac trans am

Knightcon 09
A short video I recorded on my Iphone at Knightcon09. This years event was massive and I am extremely proud to have been involved with the weekends running. I am sure a massive amount of money was raised for the Childrens Miracle Network :-)

Lakovani 2_HD.mp4
Škoda Octávia I. 1.8 20V

ŠKODA 1202 STW PICK UP 5.díl
pokračování rekonstrukce příprava ta technickou prohlídku a lakování.Již položen koberec tapecírunk palubky a nalakovaná palubka osazená přístroji.-)

Here's another one for the collection folks. :-) This video was never intended to be assembled like the way it is. Actually, this is my Kitt car, and my buddy Joey's Kitt car. Joey stopped by, I grabbed my camera, we took the cars out and went nuts. :-) Don't try this stuff on your neighborhood streets kids......we did....and attracted a law enforcement vehicle. :-) It's all good though, he got a kick out of the Kitt cars strutting their stuff. Just another addition to the video collection of the "Oklahoma Knights" doing what they do best........having fun with their Knight Rider cars. :-) Peace all....thanks for sharing. Mike

first run 1976 corvette 5.7 engine 350 cui
my new remanufacturated chevy engine 225 hp , performer 600 edelbrock carb ,new SCAT crank camshaft , timing chain COMP CAMS, FELPRO full gasket set, and new bearings .This is realy first engine run !!!!

switching truck engine part 1 of 4
Chris and I switch a 350 motor with a 305. We are 17 and 16 and we are switching a 500lb engine ourselves,with a little help.

trans am burnout
MARCEL" pontiac trans am 5.0 TPi 5 manual transmission

Krádež auta análním vzrušovadlem
Krádež auta análním vzrušovadlem

BBHR Project Chevy, 2nd day of motor install.
Dan and Joe Bethel work on bolting on the rest of the parts for the 1965 Propane Chevy C10 Pickup. Dan talks about some of the viewer issues at the Bethel Brothers Hot Rod Shop.

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